IEEE International Symposium on Safety,Security,and Rescue Robitics 




November  13-15 2023


June 29
Deadline for Special Sessions

July 6
Notification of Acceptance of Special Sessions

August 19
August 26
Deadline for Papers

September 20  October3
Notification of Acceptance of Papers            

October 13  October23
Deadline for Final Paper                                            

November 13-15
Conference Dates           

                                                                 Keynote Speakers

November 13th,
Prof. Dr. Oskar von Stryk, Simulation, Systems Optimization and Robotics Group, Technische Universität

November 14th,
Mr. Naoaki Okuzumi, Senior Manager of R&D Strategy Planning Department at the
International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning(IRID)             


Fukushima, Futaba District, Naraha, Yamadaoka, Utsukushimori−8

Event details

The IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR) covers design and implementation of robotics, automation, intelligent machines, systems and devices that can contribute to civilian safety. Applications include search and rescue, rapid screening of travelers and cargo, hazardous material handling, humanitarian demining, and detection of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive risks. The reports on field evaluation with lessons learned and associated research, e.g., standard performance test for social integration, are also welcome.

While SSRR is conceptually centered on a set of application domains, the focus is on quality research and fundamental principles that lead to useful robots and automation in all SSRR domains.


General Chair: Prof. Tetsuya Kimura

Nagaoka University of Technology / NPO International Rescue System Institute(IRS)



April 21 2023
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Orgnizing Committee 

General Chair: Prof. Tetsuya Kimura
Nagaoka University of Technology / NPO International Rescue System Institute(IRS)

General co-chair: Dr.Kuniaki Kawabata
Japan Atomic Energy Agency(JAEA)

Program Chair: Dr. Noritaka Sato
Nagoya Institute of Technology

Program Co-chair: Dr. Raymond Sheh
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Program Co-chair: (TBD)

Technical Chair: Dr. Taichi Yamada, JAEA

Technical Co-chair: Dr. Hiroki Igarashi, The Unviersity of Tokyo

Financial Chair: Dr. Kengo Takahashi, Nagaoka Unviersity of Technology

Advisor: Prof. Satoshi Tadokoro, Tohoku University/IRS