Conference Location: J-village

J-village is the national training center of soccer in Japan. It was also front line base for the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station accident.

You cannot book J-village directly.
Please make reservation on the registration site.


3 hours from Tokyo by train. JR J-village station is located inside of J-village.

From Tokyo to Iwaki/Hirono

From Iwaki/Hirono to J-village station

From Iwaki/Hirono to J-village station
Iwaki Hirono※ J-villedge
7:51 8:14 8:18
9:22 9:46 9:50
10:23 10:43 (not to J-village)
10:51 11:14 (not to J-village)
12:14 12:38 12:43
13:42 14:06 (not to J-village)
15:19 15:41 15:45
15:58 16:21 (not to J-village)
16:51 17:13 17:17
17:47 18:12 18:16
18:39 19:04 (not to J-village)
19:24 19:46 19:50
20:19 20:43 20:47
22:20 22:43 (not to J-village)
※From Hirono to J-village is 4km,7min,1500yen by taxi

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The hotel in J-village is strongly recommended for SSRR2023 and a block of the rooms are reservation by the organizers for the participants. The hotel reservation site will open in September.